Webinar on Thursday, July 15

Dr. Gerard Shaw to Speak on Goal Setting for Retraining and a Return to Competition

As a part of the webinar series, “Return to Play: Strategies for Athletes to Retrain and Recondition Without Injury,” we sat down with one of our speakers, Dr. Gerard Shaw, to learn more about his background and perspectives on keeping athletes safe as they return to competition this year.

On July 15 at noon CT, Dr. Shaw will speak on the topic of goal setting in his webinar, “Goal Setting for Retraining and Return to Competition.” Watch the webinar now.

Dr. Gerry Shaw, EdDDr. Shaw has a unique background that combines human and sport psychology with the strategy and discipline of competitive fencing. A licensed psychoanalyst, Dr. Shaw has dedicated his life to the cross-section of the human mind and sports.

“I absolutely love what I do,” he said. “I never worked at a job I didn’t love.”

For Dr. Gerard Shaw, it was fencing that introduced him to the world of exercise science. After fencing throughout high school, he continued in college under the instruction of an Olympic fencer.

“After college, I asked myself two questions: what am I really good at and what do I love? And the answers were fencing,” Dr. Shaw said. “So I did a crazy thing. I applied to a fencing master’s school in Paris at the Institut National des Sports, where fencing was just one sport among many. I spent two years there learning everything I could possibly learn about fencing—teaching pedagogy, theory, giving lessons, taking lessons. I was among the best fencers in the world.”

After his time in Paris, Dr. Shaw returned to New York, working part-time jobs teaching fencing all throughout the city. Seeing a future in higher education, he decided to pursue a master’s in exercise physiology and then a doctorate in sports psychology, both at Columbia University.

To deepen his understanding of human psychology, he entered into training at a psychoanalytic institute and became a licensed psychoanalyst.

Fifteen years ago, he became a faculty member at St. Francis College, where he teaches in the exercise science program. He also runs his own private practice as a psychoanalyst.

Goal Setting  Returning to Play

With a background in both exercise physiology and sport psychology, Dr. Shaw brings a unique perspective when it comes to advice for coaches, trainers, and athletes as they train for competition after months of decreased activity.

“Goals that you set, whether they’re short-term, intermediate, or long-term, have to be adjusted, so if an athlete is out due to injury or illness, they need to know how to adjust the goals that they set for themselves,” Dr. Shaw said.

While athletes have no issue setting higher goals as they continue to achieve, many athletes and coaches can struggle with lowering goals when athletes haven’t been active, Dr. Shaw said. Learning how to properly set a goal can be very beneficial for athletes, coaches, and trainers.

Dr. Shaw’s webinar will provide his perspectives and advice on how to use goal setting so athletes can return to peak performance without injury in our post-pandemic world.

About the Webinar Series, Return to Play

Our webinar series is for coaches, trainers and athletes of any level who want to learn proven, research-based strategies for athletes to retrain, recondition and return to peak performance in a post-pandemic world. All while avoiding injury.

This series will be presented on Thursdays from July 15 to August 19 and will feature the faculty of St. Francis College Brooklyn and other leading universities.

Our speakers represent some of the best and brightest minds in exercise science, athletic training and conditioning, tactical performance and nutrition, and elite sports in the United States.

You’ll learn about topics such as:

  • base testing for body recomposition
  • goal setting for retraining
  • reconditioning for competition
  • nutrition for injury prevention and recovery
  • coaching challenges in recreational sports
  • the importance of movement for aging populations
  • common misconceptions that can lead to injury
  • paying attention to your mental health as you get back in shape

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