Now available on demand, St. Francis College faculty members, Dr. Gerry Shaw and Dr. John McNamara, present two webinars in the series, Return to Play: Strategies for Athletes to Retrain and Recondition Without Injury.

This webinar series is for coaches, trainers and athletes of any level who want to learn proven, research-based strategies for athletes to retrain, recondition and return to peak performance in a post-pandemic world. All while avoiding injury.

This series features the talented faculty, students and alumni from three leading universities in exercise science, including St. Francis College Brooklyn.

Dr. Gerry Shaw on Goal Setting for a Return to Competition

On Thursday, July 15, Dr. Shaw will present on “Goal Setting for Retraining and a Return to Competition.” (Watch now.)

Resuming practice and their competitive schedule after a significant time off due to the Covid pandemic, athletes are highly susceptible to injury and bitter disappointment. Many athletes, along with their coaches, expect to resume their workouts where they left off, a strategy that can result in disaster. Goal setting – a powerful behavioral intervention for performance enhancement – can be of immense practical value if appropriately applied during this period. This webinar will highlight the many advantages of goal setting and provide guidelines that athletes and coaches need to follow in establishing goals.

Dr. John McNamara on Coaching Misconceptions that Lead to Injury

On Thursday, August 5, Dr. John McNamara will present the webinar, “No Pain, No Gain: Coaching Misconceptions That Lead to Injury.(Watch now.)

When it comes to coaching, there are many misconceptions regarding proper training that can lead athletes to injury, rather than to peak conditioning. This webinar will cover proper training techniques and common misunderstandings surrounding them and will end with a Q&A with Dr. McNamara.

Webinars from the Best and Brightest in Sport Science

Other webinars throughout July and August will be hosted by speakers representing some of the best and brightest minds in exercise science, athletic training and conditioning, tactical performance and nutrition, and elite sports in the United States.

Throughout the series, you’ll learn about topics such as:

  • base testing for body recomposition
  • goal setting for retraining
  • reconditioning for competition
  • nutrition for injury prevention and recovery
  • coaching challenges in recreational sports
  • the importance of movement for aging populations
  • common misconceptions that can lead to injury
  • paying attention to your mental health as you get back in shape

About Exercise Science at St. Francis

St. Francis College Brooklyn boasts both a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Movement Science and a Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Science. The master’s includes four concentrations: high performance coaching, strength and conditioning, sport psychology, and generalist.