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Info Session on the Master of Science in Exercise & Sport Science

In this on-demand info session, a faculty advisor details the four concentrations available in our Master of Science in Sport and Exercise Science: High Performance Coaching, Strength and Conditioning, Sports Psychology, and Generalist.

We also discuss what it’s like to be an online student, how you can afford to go back to school, and career paths available through each concentration. An enrollment specialist also reviews the steps in the application process.

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Why St. Francis?

This webinar, featuring faculty, admissions experts, and enrollment specialists, discusses the online bachelor of science in exercise and movement science program at St. Francis College Brooklyn and how it enables career path opportunities in exercise, fitness, health and wellness. Learn more about how St. Francis provides a transformative educational experience, degree details, curriculum and learning outcomes, how our generous transfer credit policies can help you save time and money as you earn your degree, what it’s like to be an online student, and our admission process.

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Goal Setting for Retraining and Return to Competition

Resuming practice and their competitive schedule after a significant time off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, athletes are highly susceptible to injury and bitter disappointment. Many athletes, along with their coaches, expect to resume their workouts where they left off, a strategy that can result in disaster. Goal setting—a powerful behavioral intervention for performance enhancement—can be of immense practical value if appropriately applied during this period. This webinar, hosted by Dr. Gerry Shaw, will highlight the many advantages of goal setting and provide guidelines that athletes and coaches need to follow in establishing goals.

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No Pain, No Gain: Coaching Misconceptions That Lead to Injury

Webinar with Dr John McNamara, Program Chair, Exercise Science Department, St Francis College

When it comes to coaching, there are many misconceptions regarding proper training that can lead athletes to injury, rather than to peak conditioning. This webinar will cover proper training techniques and common misunderstandings surrounding them, and will end with a Q&A with the host, Dr. John McNamara.

This webinar is hosted by Dr. John McNamara, program chair for exercise science at St. Francis College. He holds a doctorate in kinesiology and is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Level One Certified Olympic Weightlifting Coach with USAW. His areas of research include training theory, flexible nonlinear periodization, and exercise program design.

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