St. Francis College’s new Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Science program offers four different concentrations to best fit your exercise science interests and needs. But how do you know which concentration is right for you? Read more below to find out.


High Performance Coaching

The High Performance Coaching concentration is built to help develop skills and knowledge in coaching at all levels. The program focuses on biomechanical, physiological, and psychological factors that impact skill development and optimal human performance. 

Graduates of this concentration may choose to pursue careers as sports coaches, sports technical leaders, sports scientists, strength and conditioning professionals, and tactical performance professionals.

This concentration is ideal for aspiring coaches, and for those interested in developing athletes in a wide variety of fields. 


Sports Psychology

The Sports Psychology concentration integrates theory, applied research, and practice to develop individuals who will work with athletes and individuals to enhance sports performance, health, and fitness through mental skills training and life skills development. 

This concentration will enable coaches, personal trainers, athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and other health and fitness professionals to expand their skills in addressing the psychological factors of sports performance and exercise.

Sports Psychology is ideal for anyone interested in entering the sports psychology field or sports research field.


Strength and Conditioning

The Strength and Conditioning concentration is designed to prepare students to work with athletes as strength and conditioning coaches in a variety of settings, from youth sports to sports performance centers. 

With foundational coursework in applied research, performance enhancement, injury prevention, assessment, program design, and sports nutrition, students will be prepared to deliver evidence-based programming to enhance athletic performance and reduce injury. Graduates of this concentration will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully complete the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) exam offered through the NSCA.

This program is ideal for those seeking a career in strength and conditioning or sports performance. 



The Generalist is unique in that it allows students to develop their own curriculum in part, selecting 12 credit hours from the High Performance Coaching, Strength and Conditioning, or Sport Psychology concentrations. 

This concentration is ideal for the student who intends to transfer in graduate course work, pursue doctoral studies, or requires a specialized plan to meet career objectives. If you’re interested in the exercise science field, but want flexibility in career options, this concentration is best for you.



No matter which concentration you pick, our MS in Exercise and Sport Science will prepare you to advance your career in exercise science. Ready to join us? Apply today!