Selecting the right college for yourself can be a difficult decision. So much goes into what makes a college great, from the college community to the staff and faculty of each program. 

We spoke with Dr. Gale Gibson-Gayle, the Assistant Vice President of Online Learning and Program Development, about what makes St. Francis College a cut above the rest.


The Best of Brooklyn: Individualized Attention and Student Centric

St. Francis College, located in Brooklyn Heights, offers a unique experience in the level of attention that each faculty member can give his or her students. 

“We describe ourselves as ‘the best in Brooklyn.’ In part this is about the individualized attention we provide to students,” Dr. Gayle said. “At our institution, the per student faculty ratio is about 17 to one. So students actually get a level of attention at St. Francis that they normally would not get at a larger institution.”

Faculty can work with students one-on-one to solve problems and work between departments to allow the student to get the best care possible. 

“In terms of being the best, I think of it as the best customer student service: we are completely student centered and we put students first,” Dr. Gayle said. “In every department you will find that when there’s a student issue, they actually try to take care of the issue in that particular office, or they will call another office. No one is above their title at St. Francis to assist a student.


A Virtual Community with Real School Spirit

Students who join St. Francis College’s online programs can find themselves a part of a larger community experience, no matter where in the world they take their courses. Through each online course, students can learn about St. Francis, the college and the person.

“The whole community development is really embedded in the online programs,” Dr. Gayle said. “We have an orientation for online students where we share with them the history of St. Francis, the mission of St. Francis, St. Francis the man, St. Francis the veteran, and the critical offices for their virtual academic journey.”

Born in 1181, St. Francis of Assisi devoted his life to God after a comfortable upbringing and a short career as a soldier. As a man dedicated to compassion, humility, and patience, he gained followers known as the Franciscans, who became a new religious order. He was canonized following his death in 1226, and in 1224 became the first saint to receive the stigmata. 

Within each online course, students can find that information on St. Francis, so they can participate in the community’s philosophy and development, just as they would in person.

“It is indeed school spirit, and it gives students a virtual sense of belonging. They’re getting the same information about the institution and how it came about, the goals and objectives, the preface of why it exists, and the Franciscan philosophy, which is to be community centered,” Dr. Gayle said. “We want all of our students to be of service within their virtual learning community and beyond.”

In addition to this, online students can cheer on the St. Francis Terriers in all sporting endeavors, with athletic games and events broadcasting virtually in real time. You can access coverage, commentary, and more from your own living room by accessing the athletics website.

“This virtual inclusion is happening so students can participate as though they were live at the game,” Dr. Gayle said. “Right now everything is being broadcast live or being recorded so students can feel that they are participating in school events, even if it is by watching it at a later time.”


An Exercise & Movement Science Program to Prepare You for a Career

St. Francis’s Exercise & Movement Science Bachelor of Science program is designed to prepare you for a career in the fast-growing exercise science industry. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of exercise physiologists is expected to grow 11% from 2019 to 2029 — much faster than other occupations.

“I find that there’s a lot of interest in the program because it is new, and it is one of the programs that’s on the Department of Labor in terms of demand for careers in that particular area of kinesiology,” Dr. Gayle said. “That program is aligned with the career trajectory of what you would call very job-centric but also salaried—a good medium-salary career.”


See Yourself as a St. Francis Terrier?

Whether you’re fresh from high school or a working professional, St. Francis College has a place for you. For those who want to change their career, increase their salary, or nail that promotion, St. Francis has the programs to give you the competitive edge you need.

“An ideal online student would be that working professional, that adult learner, that individual who is focused and motivated and independent,” Dr. Gayle said. “For St. Francis it would be that student who has an appreciation for or needs that one-on-one time and individualized attention that would fit into the St. Francis online brand.”


About St. Francis College Brooklyn

For 160 years, St. Francis has provided an affordable and quality education to all students. We strongly believe that the quest for knowledge was not to be an end in itself, but a quest to live more authentically within oneself and morally within the world community. 

When you enroll in our online program, you receive the same level of commitment and quality of education. If you’re interested in earning a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Movement Science, apply here or contact one of our Enrollment Advisors to learn more.